Frequently Asked Questions

Basically, you are our walking bulletin board. All of our advertising budget is spent on word of mouth advertising. This year alone over $400,000 has been distributed to customers like yourself simply for sharing the good news about the Rainbow, and having your friends give their opinion about our product. We feel that people usually believe friends or relatives rather than a stranger paid to say something on an infomercial. Plus, seeing it in your home, is truly: believing. We allot a rather large budget for free gifts to our customers and their friends simply to enjoy the show and tell your friends! It is much like a movie review with the added incentive of a free home/room cleaning all in one! So, help us advertise and earn everything possible for FREE! They say, “the best things in life ARE free,” so be a true testimony to that philosophy!

It depends on your friends. As a general rule, a Rainbow show takes about 1.5 hours to show you everything the Rainbow can do. Planning on nights your friends/family are in for the evening is best, so they are not rushing out for another planned engagement. Sometimes, it can last longer if the customer has questions or decides to keep the Rainbow for a healthier lifestyle. Our best recommendation is to plan for 2.5 – 3 hrs just to be safe. We have discovered that friends love to talk with one another, and it becomes a lot of socializing; which we too, enjoy!

Simply use our app to request your gifts and checks. An email will confirm your selection and our verification team will be in touch once approved.

No. Authorized Rainbow Distributors sell the Rainbow Home Cleaning System exclusively through in-home demonstrations. Importantly, only Rainbow Products sold by Authorized Rainbow Distributors in the home come with an authorized warranty. Rainbow products purchased through unauthorized channels, including the Internet, are not covered by an authorized warranty. In addition, there is no guarantee that products sold on the Internet are either new or genuine Rainbow Products.

Rexair provides to its independent Authorized Rainbow Distributors, a written four (4) year warranty on the Rainbow Cleaning System and attached accessories and an eight (8) year warranty on the vacuum cleaner motor/electronic controller. These warranties do not cover normal wear and tear arising from usage of products, such as belts, HEPA Neutralizer, etc.

It is recommended that you have an Authorized Rainbow Service Center inspect your HEPA Neutralizer after two years of use. After five years of use, the HEPA Neutralizer should be replaced (by an Authorized Service Center) to ensure your Rainbow performs its best.